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Ezhou Xingfang Grinding Tools Co., Ltd.—Fangfang Brand—emery roller—Matched Manufacturer of Original Milling Roll (Grinding Wheel) for China Grain Machinery Manufacturing Enterprise—National emery roller&D Center—Constitutor for Industry Standard of emery roller

Ezhou Xingfang Grinding Tools Co., Ltd. (formerly Ezhou Fangfang Grinding Tools Co., Ltd.) is the largest production base of rice milling roll and industrial grinding wheel in Hubei Province, covering a plant area of 12,000m2, with 360 sets of equipment and an annual production capacity of 3,500 tons

There are two series of leading products of rice milling roll and industrial grinding wheel. Since 1998, “Fangfang” trademark has been awarded “Hubei Famous Trademark” for consecutive four times, especially, rice milling roll (with patent right) originally developed by our company was awarded “Science and Technology Achievement Award of Hubei Province” for several times due to distinctive production technology. JM3 and JM5 rice milling rolls were listed as High-quality Product by former Ministry of Commerce in 1984, and awarded “National High-quality Product Silver Medal” in 1986. We rigorously strengthen our foundation in management, and have obtained National Second-level Measurement and Provincial Excellent Equipment Management.

Up to 2005, “Fangfang” rice milling roll has passed through the acceptance check for Hubei Famous Brand for consecutive three times. The company was certified to ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System in 2001, and was qualified in reexamination of Production License for Grinding Rolls in April 2003, as well as reexamination of ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System in November 2004. In June 2005, the company obtained rights of self-managed import & export. Now, our rice milling rolls sell well in 29 provinces, cities or autonomous regions across the country, a part of products are exported to over 20 countries and regions, and we have controlled the about 70% domestic market shares over these years. Industrial grinding wheels are marketable in large enterprises such as WISCO, Hubei Xinye Steel Co., Ltd., Valin LY Steel, Echeng Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., etc., and sell well in part of provinces and cities in Southwest China.

We have powerful technical strength, sophisticated technology and equipment and consummate test methods, and would like to offer the best grinding tools for customers in the service tenet of “Quality First, Customer Supreme”. (Search Keywords: Rice milling roll, industrial grinding wheel, grain machinery parts, grinding tools, Ezhou Xingfang Grinding Tools Co., Ltd., Fangfang Brand)

Milling roll is the core part for rice milling machinery to peel rice, millet, corn, wheat, sorghum and beans, while Fangfang milling roll is characterized by high mechanical strength, low power consumption, good self-sharpening, strong rice milling capability, few broken rice, high output, convenient loading and unloading, safety and reliability. By appearance, Fangfang milling roll can be classified into slotted roll and ribbed roll, by function, there are whitening roll, polishing roll, peeling roll, etc. There are over 100 models for matching with homemade and foreign machinery.-sungame太阳城亚洲